Monday, February 6, 2017

Seeing Comes Before Words

One part of this article that I found interesting was the section were they explained that the way we see things can be affected by certain beliefs and prior knowledge. Here, they were specifically talking about how the Middle Age men would perceive the fire as an image of Hell and that all the pain from burns and the ashes were apart of that. On the flip side, we could see that people who saw fire today would not have this same perspective as the Middle Age men did because some don't believe in Hell so that idea would not come to mind. This was interesting because it makes you see that there is a certain understanding with the different sides of one story, how different perspectives can be so similar yet so complex at the same time.

One thing I learned in this article is that there is a special connection between the things we physically see and the way we connect it back to ourselves. We do not just look at something and stop there, we find a way to figure out how that thing is in any relation to ourselves or what it is doing that makes it so intriguing to us. Also it was a great addition to say that our visions are continuously active and moving because it shows us that nothing we think about is unimportant, that everything we notice, even the slightest sight, has some kind of meaning involved with it.

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