Thursday, January 26, 2017

Artist Sol LeWitt created this piece of art called "Wall Structure". The reason I found this so interesting was the symmetry in the artwork. It appealed to my senses and made this artwork stand out. Something I noticed in the museum was that you could see a small shadow underneath every box. This shows that the boxes are made of wood and stick slightly out of the wall they were places on. I chose to analyze this piece because it caught my eye and made me think "outside the boxes"


Artist David Hammons created a wonderful piece of art called, "Traveling". At first glance, the artwork looks like a mixture of black and white colors. After reading the summary, I realized that this was created by taking Dirt found in Harlem, placing the dirt on a basketball, and bouncing the ball on the paper. The simple meaning of the artwork represents how it is a violation for someone to move while holding the ball. The deeper meaning is how it was difficult for African Americans to move up in the social ranks because it was considered a "violation" by society. This is a very powerful piece of art and can really impact the lives of the audience.

Bleached Beeswax

Artist Meg Webster created a beautiful piece of work called "Bleached beeswax". Some of the key notes of this creation is that Webster created this artwork by heating beeswax , creating a thick surface that seems to "defy gravity". Something I found interesting is that at first glance it seems plain, but as you look closer you can see detail in the artwork. Also, something interesting is that you can see your reflection in the artwork. This was my favorite piece of art because it looked very plain but had a very interesting story to how it was created.

The Whole Ball of Wax

Jerry Saltz discusses in his article if art has the ability to change the world. What he means by this is can art stop "global warming" or "prevent the spread of AID's"? The answer to this is no. Art does not have the power to cause effective change in society. However, art can "change the world incrementally and by osmosis". Salts means that art is a form of energy source that helps create change in society. I agree with this statement because even though it cant directly affect change, art has the ability to impact change in society.


      After reading the article " Visibility" I began to understand the different aspects and techniques that artists use in their artwork. One thing that stood out the most was how the audience has two unique techniques for under art. One is how the audience reads text and translates it to visual and the other is how the audience views visual imagery and translates it to text. This makes sense as I read it because I do it every day. As I read something, I visualize it in my head, The same goes for when I watch something, I turn the visual imagery into words in my head. One thing we talked about in class was visualizing something before you do it. I can relate to this because I visualize myself succeeding in everything I do before it even starts.