Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Blog Post

        My final art project is a full scale painting of myself, similar to the work of Edgar Degas. Degas was famous for sculptures of tiny dancers so i decided to take on a similar idea. I traced my body on pieces of paper and painted my body black to represent a shadow. I sponged on primary colors around my body to represent all the hopes and dreams I have. I then placed basketball in my hand to represent going up for a dunk on the court. Degas explained that his sculptures were created to show how people want to become a "superstar", a famous person per say, while keeping their identity. It is important to remember where you came from in order to reach wherever it is your going. The shadow is me as a young kid and also me today, showing how I have grown and achieved new heights. i chose primary colors because they have a significant meaning to me. Every morning when i would wake up and go to the gym, I would walk past a group of trees. One had red leaves, one yellow, and the other green. I chose to use blue instead of green because the blue represented the sky and mixes with yellow to make green. This painting is significant to me and really opened my eyes to Degas' work.
       This semester was definitely a positive experience, and I will take home many things from this class. I learned different styles to paint, different ways of painting, and how uses of colors can effect a painting. I also learned how to use photoshop and ways to play around with it. One thing I can use from this class is how to appeal to a focal point. Whether it be a presentation or a painting, I can frame it to capture the audience's attention and get them to see my message. One suggestion i have for this class is learning more about different painters and the styles they use. This was a great class overall and I'm glad i took it. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Post Modernism : Identity

In my post modern project, I chose to follow the quote, "Americans may have no identity, but they do have wonderful teeth." by Jean Baudrillard. To start, I took images of celebrities and a variety of diverse employees off the internet. After finding a bunch of different images, I used photoshop to place them all in front of a background with a road leading into the mountains. I placed these people in different spots and made them all different sizes. The person in the middle, who I made the biggest, is a dentist that I found represented the quote. One my photoshop piece was complete, I decided to cut each individual out and place them randomly on a black sheet of paper. I then proceeded to paint a yellow background, along with splashes and lines of blue and red. My goal for this was to make the painting asymmetric, and I believe I achieved this. However, after looking at it multiple times, I do believe that it has a sense of balance. As the painting dried, I added black ink to the mix. I drew lines of ink soley inside the yellow paint. Once my lines were on the page, I lifted the paper and shook it to make a droopy effect.

I took this quote as a way to portray how society as a whole doesn't know their true purpose or meaning for this Earth. By including everyday jobs, I wanted to prove that even though people are doing what it takes to gain money, they don't know if what they are doing is right for them. Even if they believe that it is their dream job, they have not had enough time on this Earth to truly figure that out for themselves. The author Jean Baudrillard included the connection between the lack of identity and the wonderful teeth. The teeth represent an unattainable goal that people believed they already achieved, not knowing that they will never be able to reach it. This is similar in the sense that since nobody knows what they really want to be, they all are the same in their own unique way. This shows how people use that "perfect smile" as a way to hide from reality that their true identity will never be discovered. The yellow background was to show off the perfect smile, and how the red and blue lines, signifying all the doubt in people's minds, was unable to penetrate the yellow. This is because people think they know what is best for them so they continue to push doubt aside and focus on their "identity". However, the black line, signifying the negativity and reality of true identity, was able to impede on the yellow. This shows that true identity still hinders in people today and nobody will find their true identity, but at least they have wonderful teeth.

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Post-Modernism is sort of a way to contradict one form of artwork from another. The strange thing, or beauty I should say, is that these contradictions can be seen within the same artwork. In music, we can see this occur by mixing songs together to form a new rhythm. In todays culture, we see this occur in the music style EDM, (electric dance music), which has a sort of disco beat behind the music. In art, we see post-modernism when artists add bits and pieces together of art that normally wouldn't be placed together.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Black-Figure Krater

              The piece of artwork I found most interesting was the Black-Figure Krater. I was amazed that pottery created around 530 BCE is not only still around, but in close to perfect condition. At first glance, it looked like a type of bowl/glass used to cook food. However after looking much closer, I saw that there are two eyes with people standing in-between. The description given defines this piece by saying "on this cup is a pair of eyes with courting male figures in between. In Greek culture, eyes ward off evil. The courting figures are fairly typical subject matter. The SO graffito on the underside of the foot appears on many vessels of the time and is believed to be the mark of a bulk purchaser".
             I learned from this that the eyes are a way to ward off evil, used in greek culture. The date this was made shows that Greek Spartans were in the midst of their reign, and the pottery might have deeper meaning than first glance. Although i am unsure of the meaning, I can infer that the two men are Spartans and the eyes act as a "god" or "higher being" that protect these spartans during battle. Regardless of the meaning, however, The pottery is still wonderful and is still admired generations later.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Shape of Time

One thing I found interesting in the article "The Shape of time" was the comparison between talented and genius. One thing the author describes is how talent can be seen from a young age. The mind is able to master techniques and problems more quickly, and the mind grows at a faster rate. Genius is more of an unorthodox and rare method, seen in a few number of people. Genius was thought to not be genetic, rather a phenomenon seen in a rare, and special few. The author then leads to how both genius and talented lead to solving problems faced by man. The author says, "we always may be sure that every man-made thing arises from a problem as a purposeful solution."

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Data Visualization

Data and graphs have been used since the beginning, and we see that they have become more sophisticated over the history of mankind. One thing I leaned is that people have "fight or flight" which helps them quickly react in order to help them make decisions and survive. This can be used by designers because they are able to create patterns and designs that people quickly pick up and react to. We also see example of how advanced data has become. Google Maps can be used for people to not only see something but actually be able to use it. Something I learned is that its better for people to see things do learn. However, most people see things to confirm.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Comparing white piece of paper & Starbucks lid:

The white piece of paper turns to a rose / pink color while the Starbucks lid takes on a hint of grey.