Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Newspaper Ad Response

The original Ad I chose was of a square strawberry to represent JELL-O. At first glance the Ad seemed very plain and basic. However, it captured my eye because of the vibrant color used as the background. The color was a warm pink that gave me a sense of security. The Ad had the strawberry in the center to it is a great sense of balance. I believe that balance was the strongest composition type used in the Ad. I recreated the ad by cutting out a kitchen from an advertisement and putting a bunch of different food below(inside) the kitchen. I replaced the kitchen window with the strawberry to separate it from the rest of the food. I used the food to show contrast from fruits, vegetables, and meats. I also chose dark colored foods and light colored foods to add more contrast. My goal was to take away the balance by filling the ad with a bunch of different food, rather than just the strawberry. It is also different from the first Ad in the sense that there is no focus point. Instead of just having a strawberry, there are a bunch of different food scattered around the ad. This takes away a single focus point and makes the audience look around the Ad without settling on one individual image.

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